Getting the Best Deal out of EasyJet’s Flight Releases.

***UPDATE*** Autumn 2020 Release Date (flights up to 24th October 2020) has been announced as 7th November on some sites. For the official announcement, check out Easyjet’s website. Although the post below is an old one, the great advice below still applies ! 

With return fares under £50 return in School holidays, the saying….

The early bird catches the worm is very true. To give an example, last year I saw flight prices for my whole family, in School holidays go from £500 to £1200 in 24 hours. By the next day, the price was £2600. But I still managed to get flights for £500. Read on to find out how>

📣How can you make the most of the release date ?

1. Download the EasyJet app on your smartphone or have the laptop ready. Create an Easyjet account if you don’t have one & be signed in, ready to book. ✔
2. Set your alarm for 5am, when flights are usually released on the app. ✔
3. Make a list of any dates you can travel, between school holiday dates & time off work. ✔
4. Make a list of possible destinations you’d like to visit. ✔

📣NOW for the best *MONEY – SAVING* tip. Last year, I spent £2100 LESS on flights by using this one trick.

5. If you’re visiting somewhere with good internal transfer options, book flights into one city & flights out of another. Open up Google Maps to check distances between places, if unsure. 

The same is true if you’re flexible on which airports you fly from in the UK. ✔

For example, we flew into ✈Marrakesh and then back out of ✈Agadir. The flights for all 6 of us cost us £500 in School Holidays. Had we booked return flights to Marrakesh, we would have paid £2600 for the same dates.

6. Remember that flights only form part of the holiday budget. It’s no good having cheap as chips flights, but then find that accommodation costs are crazy. Read my post to save even more money on your family holiday. 👉


And if you’re looking for a real budget holiday, it’s worth exploring what Airbnb has to offer. The 2 bed apartment in Marrakech pictured above only cost us £50 a night for a family of six.  My post will guide you through how to book the best Airbnb for your trip>

We love the IT luggage range is great for travelling light & with kids. With their 4 wheel suitcases for easy airport navigation& and handy pockets. Check them out on Amazon or find them on SALE in Matalan.

7. If you’re willing to sacrifice on the standard 7 nights, then 5 night or even 11 night combinations can work out a whole cheaper. The laptop/desktop is a lot better to search for these combinations. 

8. It’s very important to get the names right & dates of birth, when doing your booking. Whilst EasyJet are good when it comes to making changes for spelling errors, your first and last names must match the ID you’re using to travel.

Download this handy file below. You can fill out all your passport information onto on handy form. Making filling in flight Advance Passenger Information, Visa forms & landing cards a lot easier. You could just copy & paste all your Advanced Passenger Information (API). 

Why not pick up this set of 2 bags, for just over £20. Always remember to double check the dimensions for cabin bags though, because they do sometimes change.

9. Don’t worry about adding bags or selecting seats. You can always sort these things out later. This will help to keep the cost down. And with Easyjet’s hands-free upgrade, you may not need to book any extra bags at all>

10. Whilst paying by credit card is a better option, in case something goes wrong. It is also advisable to take out travel insurance which will cover you in the case of airline failure. This is not always standard in a policy so do check what’s covered carefully. We’ve found CompareTheMarket very good in the past. You start your search here>

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  1. […] But since most of us already book economy fares anyway, is there another way you can reduce your Carbon Footprint? Absolutely. Choose an airline which has lower carbon emissions in the first place. I was happy to learn that Easyjet was on track to have the lowest carbon emissions by 2020. Especially since Family Holidays Club members just saved thousands of £ this week, booking on Easyjet’s release date. […]


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