5 Ways to Save Money when Booking your Own Holiday


I’ve noticed something when I’ve used TripAdvisor vs going direct onto some of the booking websites. Not just once, but a number of times. Just tested it again yesterday. I don’t know why BUT when I search for my hotels using TripAdvisor, I found that the price was cheaper than going Direct to the website. Can’t fathom why but who can get into the head of the unseen algorithms running our livesπŸ™„

So here’s 5 things to do to save some money.

1. Search using this link for TripAdvisor. It’s an affiliate link. Hopefully in time I’ll earn something from it. Still waiting for the day. MEANWHILE you’ll pay nothing extra. I’ve actually tried it out to make sure.
Start your searchπŸ‘‰

2. Book your flights separately. I’ve found that booking them with some of the online travel platforms, you get a good deal for the hotel but then they catch you on the flight booking. And the seats and the extra hold bags and the transfers….you get my drift. I always use Skyscanner to find the best combinations of flights. Be prepared to book weird night combinations to get the best flight options like 5 nights or 11. Start your flight search here.

3. Wait. STOP. You’re RIGHT. If you’re booking a holiday like this. Doing it yourself. You won’t get ATOL protection. But panic not because with the right travel insurance you will get similar protection in case things don’t go to plan. Search on a comparison site for the best options. Loving the Meerkats.

4. Sign up to TopCashback to earn money booking your own holiday. Each time you book, you can search for offers or cash back on websites you intend to book with. If you don’t mind spending some time searching, you can build up some cash back which you can use at a later date. Sign up for free here.

5. Final tip for today is THIS. Book your transfers by yourself.

With HolidayTaxis
With HolidayExtras
With using TripAdvisor. YES. TripAdvisor again 😏

Happy Holiday Hunting βœˆπŸ–πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦

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  1. […] In this case, I found that the holiday worked out cheaper by searching with TripAdvisor than booking the same hotel with Loveholidays directly. I also booked the flights separately & transfers independently, with a local called Ismail. Just two more ways to save money. If you’re unsure about how to book your own package, I go through each of the steps I use in this post> […]


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