A Family Friendly Review : The Concorde Deluxe Hotel, Antalya, Turkey

Shaped like it’s about to take off, the Concorde Deluxe Hotel really did take our family holiday to great heights.

Let me start by saying, I am truly impressed how this hotel caters so well for such an international clientele whilst still making every nationality welcome.

We stayed a week at the Concorde, with my parents & young children aged 4 to 7 years, in the last week of April. We stayed on an all inclusive basis.

Following is everything you need to know about the hotel, well a lot of information. At the end of this post, I’ll share how we booked this holiday for a lot less than it’s available for on the high street.


Plenty of food and drink options for all palates. And plenty of places to eat & drink too. And around the clock !

If you arrive in the middle of the night between 1.30am and 7am, you can even have some items on the room service menu delivered for free. Plus there is a minibar, stocked daily. it has drinks and a few snacks too. Good to know if your flight arrives late at night.


Turkish themed night at the main restaurant.

Breakfast, lunch & dinner are served here. We never shifted off UK time so we usually made it to the late breakfast.

The late breakfast is pretty much the same as the early breakfast, except you don’t have omelettes or eggs made fresh for you. There was one let down at breakfast. The fresh orange juice tasted watered down. Although, if you’ve ever tried Moroccan orange juice, it’s hard to find anything that quite tastes as delicious.

We never had lunch at the main restaurant. We went to the outdoor Food Court for that. More on that later.

Dinner was themed some nights. We had freshly made sushi on a couple of nights. Every night the was a good variety meat, fish & vegetable dishes. The variety of dishes superceded the Hilton Dalaman, where we’ve previously stayed. Dishes like lasagne, grilled fish, traditional Turkish dishes, grilled steaks & freshly made soups, are just some of the dishes you can expect.

Freshly prepared shushi at the Main Restaurant.

Whilst there was a great variety of foods, there wasn’t any freshly cut fruit. Freshly cut fruit would be better than just having trays of whole fruit. I would say the same for breakfast too.

Tables can be hard to find particularly if you’re a larger family.

📣TOP TIP : Head to dinner about 8.30pm if you want to find a table and avoid the rush.

There was also a kids buffet area. Although, this was not the usual chicken nuggets every night buffet. There was a small variety of foods suitable for children. There were also baby food jars & milk cartons. There is a microwave near the entrance of the restaurant.


We enjoyed taking our lunch in the Food Court, which is outside. They have the most delicious doner kebab made form turkey, crispy southern fried chicken, as well as more healthy jacket potatoes & salads. Oh, and the fresh ravioli, it just melts in the mouth. You can also have pasta dishes made as you like them too.

This is open 12pm until 4pm so perfect to go for a late lunch after a swim etc.

Next to the food court is a small place where they make pizzas and pide ( bit like pizza but the Turkish verson). This is also open between 12pm and 4pm.


We tried the Italian a la carte resaturant during our stay. This was a special treat for the issues my parent’s had with their room & the fact that they were celebrating their wedding anniversary. The food was delicious but it was the atmosphere which made a nice change from the all you can eat buffet.


The beach was mostly sandy but did have small pebbles too, particularly towards the sea. There were a good number of sun beds but I do suspect in high season, it might be hard to find one free. That said they have rule that if you’re not at your sunbed after an hour, management reserves the right to grant access to someone else.

There is a small coffee stop by the beach entrance. You can get tea, coffee, hot chocolate and cold drinks from there.

📣TOP TIP : There is also a Turkish cafe in a tent structure just before the beach. Do try out the stuffed mince or spinach “parathas”, with Turkish tea.

At the beach there are toilets and a changing cabana. There are no towels at the beach. You will need to pick these up from the towel cabin closer to the hotel’s main pool areas.


The outdoor slides pool is heated for a couple of hours in the morning and a couple of hours in the late afternoon.

The indoor pool was heated to 27 degrees (although I personally would prefer it to be that bit warmer). There is a small pool for toddlers. There is also a sauna and changing facilities near the pool. There are lockers in the changing area. But do note that male attendants do also clean the female locker room. They will alert you beforehand but worth noting.

📣TOP TIP : Your towel cards are important. You will need these to get your towels at the indoor pool area or by the main pools. You will need to return these at the end of your stay or else you may incur a fee.


The spa is located opposite the indoor pool area. There are no segregated facilities for men & women. There is a separate changing facilities within the spa area. There is also a quiet pool for spa users to use.

There are a number of treatments available from Turkish bath to massage. You can make bookings at reception & sometimes they might be willing to give a special offer.


The duplex rooms are great for families. They have a bathroom downstairs, 2 single sofa beds, mini bar, cupboards and TV. There is a balcony. The stairs to the upstairs room has a stair gate across it. The stairs wouldn’t be suitable for those with mobility issues. The upstairs has a double bed, a shower room, hanging rails, drawers, mini bar & a safe.

The one thing to note is there is no individual air conditioning or heating in the rooms. This was the major downside. We found the upstairs of the duplex got very warm at night.

The first suite my parents were given was extremely cold. It was on the top floor and spacious. There was a shower room, a living area with one sofa bed and the main bedroom had its own en suite. After complaining there were given a new room after 2 nights. It would have been better if this had happened more quickly. The central hotel heating was turned on but it didn’t make a difference to the room temperature.

📣TOP TIP : If you do find your room cold on arrival, ask to change it. It is unlikely to get any warmer.


The first thing to know, which I didn’t when I booked, is that the Kids Club age starts from 6 years old. You can supervise your children in the Kids Club but not leave them unattended if they are under 6 years old.

The Kids Club area consists of a large playroom, with some toys & daily activities, a playground & a shaded paddling pool. The Kids Club playroom lacks atmosphere in my opinion & my boys weren’t excited about going to the activities, like other places we’ve stayed.

On the other hand, the playground & paddling pool areas were wonderful. There were loungers & chairs, so parents can comfortably supervise their children. Unlike many other places, where you’re left standing around. So do take along some shades, sun cream & a good read with you when you take your kids to the Kids Club. You’re probably going to end up wanting to just chill out there instead of around the main pool, like we did.

📣 TOP TIP: Why not take a drink with you to Kids Club, so you can enjoy your coffee whilst they enjoy playing.

In the main hotel building is a small bowling alley & arcades. These are not included as part of the All Inclusive but a nice treat for the children or adults. Bowling starts from 30 TL (£4) & the arcades 4 coins for 20TL (£2.70). It makes for a great way to entertain the kids in the evening if they’re not into the disco & on rainy days.

📣 TOP TIP: And if you do forget that good read, the Concorde Hotel has a selection of books in the Lobby area. It’s part of their sustainability initiatives.

What my children loved most was playing football. Whilst there was a full sized pitch & animation did organise games for adults, the boys loved the smaller area by the beach. There are also tennis courts behind this area, for those who love the game. There is also a mini-golf course though we never used it. It’s also a bit of mystery how to get down there at first & finding it too.


Because we were arriving at the beginning of the season, the weather was unpredictable. Some of the outdoor entertainment was brought inside, into the Lobby Bar area. There was a nightly mini disco and some sort of entertainment. The outdoor auditorium was a bit on the chilly & windy side, so we only went on one evening. I was impressed by the entertainment. The outfits, the professionalism & atmosphere was great.


There are some shops within the hotel grounds. Of course, these are more expensive than the shops across from the hotel, since they have to pay higher rates. But good to know you can pick up all the essentials with out having to leave the hotel.

But if you so venture across the road, there is the Souvenir Shop. Look out for Sarap, the nice chap in the photo. He actually tried to stop my mum buying any more scarves from him & threw in free fresh Turkish delight for the kids. Turns out his sister had the same name as my mum, Zarina, and he literally treated her like family. The shop is a treasure trove of everything you could possibly want to bring home with you. And there’s a reason Sarap he had to stop my mum buying more scarves, they really were some of the best we’ve come across. Given that pre-kids I used to import scarves from around the World to the UK, I know my scarves.

Do say “Hi !” to Sarap & let him know that his “Sister from the UK” sent you over, for that family discount.
I was so tempted by these handbags but I genuinely have too many already !

Do follow the blog as I will be sharing more about what to do & where to go in Antalya soon. As well as more family travel tips, ways to save money & destination guides. Scroll down for how I managed to save when booking this holiday.

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What an amazing way to walk down the aisle ?

YES. The Concorde Deluxe Hotel was all laid out for a wedding on our final day. We were not walking down the aisle. It was a Turkish wedding but I have to say it looked pretty magical. In case any one is planning a family wedding or a family-moon.

FINALLY Special mention about the Guest relations team particularly Nurbuke. Their services have been invaluable in making our stay memorable in all the right ways. THANK YOU to every member of staff at the Concorde Hotel for making our family holiday special. The staff really go above & beyond to make your holiday special at the Concorde Deluxe Hotel.

The Concorde Deluxe Hotel isn’t just great for family holidays but it’s also a great way to bring families together.

Save Money on your Booking

In this case, I found that the holiday worked out cheaper by searching with TripAdvisor than booking the same hotel with Loveholidays directly. I also booked the flights separately & transfers independently, with a local called Ismail. Just two more ways to save money. If you’re unsure about how to book your own package, I go through each of the steps I use in this post>

I also saved money on buying extra suitcases by using the Easyjet’s hands-free upgrade.

If you are going to Antalya, you can book your transfers with Ismail. If you’re a ladies only group, he’ll bring along his wife. We met his wife when they dropped us off the the airport. He also is able to arrange all the tours around Antalya. You can WhatsApp him on +905387817777. I always believe in helping local families, when I can. Tourism literally buys some families meals. Where ever you are in the World, buying a souvenir or booking a tour with a local, is helping them make an honest living. A way to give back to the local community.

Feel free to get in touch if you’ve got any questions. And do check out my previous hotel reviews on TripAdvisor too> You can now follow on TripAdvisor too, if you’re a member.

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