Is the Easyjet Hands-Free-Upgrade worth doing ?

If you’re flying with easyJet, you might of seen something about their hands-free-upgrade. I recently made use of this feature & thought I’d share my thoughts.

Here’s how to make the most out of Easyjet’s hands-free option.


✔ It’s pretty straight forward to do. You need to enter your flight details & check the option is available for your flight.
✔ You can pack all your creams & liquids into the cabin bags you’re going to check in..that way you save time during Security.
✔ Costs £32 for return, which is almost half the price of buying 23kg of suitcase allowance.
✔ Instead of worrying about whether your kids need Trunkis or other types of cool hand luggage, which you then have to look after….just check in their allowance. Leaving you with at least one hand free.
✔ You’ll receive a free tote bag (if available) at the check in desk.
✔ Monthly 3 Mobile network customers can get this upgrade FREE for their outbound journeys ONLY.
✔You can select up to 6 passengers for one booking. You need to enter the names BUT you don’t need to check in all of them if you decide not too. Perfect for larger families.


You’ll need to print out the receipts that are issued when booking the hands free option, and present these at the check in desk.

It’s not available on all flights but you’ll know when you go to add it on. It’s available to add on 30 days before you fly, just like their online check in.

FYI the tote bags are made of recycled material and had a special pocket for the crucial, can’t live without anymore MOBILE PHONE …well they are sponsored by 3 afterall😉

More information about this feature is available from here >

Will I be doing this again ? ABSOLUTELY 

I will however remember to take along some padlocks for my bags. Totally, forgot those last time. Check out the option below with colour coordinated keys. Super handy for quick opening at airport security checks & less hassle when you reach your destination.

This pack of 2 suitcases are suitable for many airlines, they are light weight & great value. The red & blue piping makes them easier to identify, whether on the carousel or “who’s stuff is in which suitcase” scenarios. Always check that you have the right size for the airline you’re flying with. Restrictions do change & vary across airlines.

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