10 Tips to get through Airport Security

Photo by Riccardo Bresciani on Pexels.com

As some of us prepare to go away during the Easter School Holidays, the thought of getting through the queues & checks at Airport Security can be a daunting. Particularly, for novices & families with young kids. So here are 10 tips to get you through:

1. Arrive around 3 hours before your flight, if you can. If you have bags to go into the hold, aim to arrive 3 hours earlier. That hopefully will give you enough time for an unexpected nappy change or toilet run. It is also allows a window in case you get stuck in a jam on the way to the airport. It can happen. In fact the Security queues themselves have caused people to miss their flights. So get through Security as soon as you can.

2. Pack your hand luggage wisely. Make sure that any liquids, creams, lip-balms fit into a clear resealable bag and are no more than 20cm x 20cm. You can pick these up cheaply from Poundland & pack the bag at home. This saves time at the airport & some airports charge for these tiny bags. Any extra Poundland bags can be used for snacks for the journey & whilst on holiday. Make sure that your liquids all fit in the bag & that they are all less than 100 ml.

3. Make sure this clear little bag is at the top of the hand luggage, so you can quickly whip it out, for the trays that go through the security scanners.

4. Make sure laptops,tablets & phones are charged, turned off & ready for checking. And have these at the top of your bag for a quick turnaround at Security. It’s sometimes handy to have one dedicated bag for all the tech stuff, that way you’re not having to open multiple bags.

5. If you have got water bottles, make sure they are empty before you go head to Security. Many airports in the UK do have water fountains, so you can fill up after security.

6. Wear the right clothing. Try to wear clothes without lots of zips or bulk. Remember to empty your pockets. Take your watch off and put somewhere securely. Easy to remove shoes, especially for the kids, is a real must. Coats will have to be taken off & popped on the trays.

7. Pack some easy to reach snacks with you. A few bread-sticks or a pack of raisins to keep the kids busy in the queues.

8. Take an easy to fold pushchair & empty it out. Policies really vary on this from airport to airport. Some require them through the x-ray machines, some through the scanners & some do a sweep down.

Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

9. Have one adult go through first, so they can pick up the bags at the other end of the scanners, especially the bag containing your passports & boarding passes.

10. Expect this process to be frustrating & long-winded, so you are mentally prepared for it.

Do read the latest guidance, so you don’t waste your time or other passengers’ time, through the Security process:

Latest Guidance from UK Government for Hand Luggage

Guidance on Baby Milk & Baby Food

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