10 Ways to be Kind to the World when we Travel

Today, 20th September 2019, people around the World are taking to the streets to raise awareness about Climate Change. So I thought the least I can do is to share some ideas on how we can be more environmentally friendly when we travel.

  1. Taking a holiday abroad does usually entail getting on an aeroplane. And yes, that does have it’s own Carbon Footprint. But by booking an Economy fare, you straight away reduce your carbon footprint. Just have a read of this article in the Guardian, if in doubt.
  2. But since most of us already book economy fares anyway, is there another way you can reduce your Carbon Footprint? Absolutely. Choose an airline which has lower carbon emissions in the first place. I was happy to learn that Easyjet was on track to have the lowest carbon emissions by 2020. Especially since Family Holidays Club members just saved thousands of £ this week, booking on Easyjet’s release date.

3. But it’s not ALL about the airlines, there are many more small things you can do to reduce your environmental impact on holiday. Rethinking whether we need single-use plastics is one of those ways. On our recent trip to Kenya, where there is total ban on plastic bags, we were forced to do exactly that. And I realised that we really don’t need all the single-use plastic in our lives. Here are some ideas on how to do this:

  • Invest in some reusable, washable tote bags. You can use these to pack your shoes, flip flops & laundry in. You can also use these for shopping too. (opens in a new tab)” href=”https://amzn.to/2LGUt0v” target=”_blank”>Amazon has lots of options available>
  • Fill up your own shampoo & shower gels in reusable bottles.
  • Don’t take home all the tiny plastic bottles of shampoo from your hotel, as if they are souvenirs.
  • Take along your own reusable water bottle. I always pack an empty one & fill up in the departures area of UK airports.
  • When abroad, it may be unsafe to drink water from the tap. We either purchase larger 5 litre bottles of water & fill our water bottles with these. Or if possible, fill up at the hotel.
  • Pack your meals & snacks in re-useable containers which you can use again on holiday. We often do this & have a picnic at our destination. We usually pack some fruit, pastries & sandwiches for our short haul flights, avoiding the need to buy meals on the plane.

We always travel with our ion8 bottles. They’re leak proof, long lasting & haven’t cracked despite being dropped on the pavement many times. Search for more colours here>

6. Did you know that turning the tap off when brushing your teeth can save 6 litres of water ? Well you know now, so wherever you are. Home or Abroad. That’s one really easy way to be kinder to the World we live in.

I will admit that in the past I would leave the air conditioning on full blast, so that when I returned back to the hotel room I could literally chill out. But older & wiser, I know that’s just a waste of energy. I wouldn’t leave the heating on at home all if I were at work, because I’d be wasting money. Just as I wouldn’t be leaving the windows open & have the heating on either.

  • Adjust the air conditioning temperature or turn off when not in the room or home. (Or heating if you’re visiting somewhere cold.)
  • Close doors & windows to keep cold air in (or heat in). This also reduces the time it takes to cool a space down.
  • Turn off air conditioning in spaces which are not being used.
  • And while you’re doing that, turn the lights off too.

6. A number of hotels have policies in place to save water. Such as not having fresh towels or bed linen changed, on a daily basis. Watch out for information about this or ask at Guest Relations, if in doubt.

7. Don’t waste food & drink. Growing fruit, vegetables, cereals etc has an energy & water cost to environment. Meat has an even greater cost. There is a temptation particularly on All Inclusive Concept holidays, to take more on our plates than we are likely to eat. Being a bit more mindful could begin to make a difference.

8. Choosing accommodation within walking distance of sights you want to see or places you want to visit, can reduce the need for car or taxi use. Google maps is a great tool for figuring out locations & distances.

9. By packing lighter, we can reduce our Carbon Footprint. Thankfully most budget airlines have already got us in the habit, by charging so much to add on hold luggage. One of the easiest ways to reduce the weight of luggage is by packing less liquids. Liquids tend to add the most weight to luggage.

10. RAISE AWARENESS & SHARE this post, on Facebook, via Whatsapp & by having conversations with people. Because no one person can stop Climate Change, we have a collective imperative to save this Planet we all share. It’s the one thing all of our children will inherit, regardless of where they live & what language they speak. It’s their future that’s at stake.

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