How to Stay Online when Abroad.

Even though we go on holiday, most of us still ❤ to be connected to the World ONLINE. Here’s a cool way you can do this, in case you’ve booked somewhere with Wifi the speed of a snail. And save on unwanted Data roaming charges too. IMPORTANT Remember unless your UK mobile contract includes data roaming abroad, you’ll get charged a lot for using your mobile data abroad.

✅Pack an old unlocked smartphone, it’s charger & the pin (if it has one).
✅When you arrive at your destination airport, a number of countries will allow you to purchase a local sim or give you one for FREE. In some cases, you may need to buy from an official mobile network shop in town.
✅You’ll need to show your passport as your ID.
✅You can usually purchase DATA as part of the plan. 1GB is usually enough unless you’re doing a lot of downloads.

At the Marrakech Airport, there are many mobile providers waiting to give you a FREE sim card, with some local call credit. Data is extra about £1 for 1GB. Best to top up there so you’re not searching for places to top up later or in case the Wifi at the hotel is not great.

✅After you’ve popped that new sim into your old unlocked phone, turn the data icon on & go online.

✅Always do this once you get your sim, in case there any issues.

✅Then turn on the “Mobile Hotspot” icon. This basically turns the old mobile into a Wifi Hub your whole family can use. There’s a password that you need to set up which prevents others from using your data.

✅Turn on the Wifi on your phone/ device, the Mobile Hubspot network will show up. (If not, go into settings to find it. )

✅Connect using the password. And hey presto ! You’re connected to the rest of the World again….
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