Struggling to Get your Children to Sleep on a Plane?

5 Helpful Aids to get the Children to Sleep, on an airplane.

Does your little one struggle to sleep on the plane? ✈

Truth is there’s really no magic pill we can offer. Some children struggle. Between time difference & awkward flight times, this can be a nightmare for parents & children.

One of the potential solutions is to make your little one comfortable. Planes are not designed for little ones. They can’t lean heads on anything & their feet dangle in the air.

Here are 5 cool solutions which might help home or her nod off more comfortably. And every parent knows, a good nights rest is priceless:

  1. This handy blanket & arm rest cover set. A cute owl design which pulls over the arm rest for little ones to lean their head on and a blanket to snuggle under. It’s a clever design, costing £19.99.

2. Neck pillows are great for kids & adults of all ages, like this Paw Patrol one or this Frozen one. For older kids, who just get as grumpy as the little kids with out their sleep, this Avengers neck pillow & eye mask pictured is bound to help.

3. Since young children are accustomed to sleeping laying down, it’s hard to get comfortable in an airplane seat. Even if they’re tired, they just can’t find the right position. I saw this inflatable foot rest on another group & the mother was really happy with it. It allowed her young kids to get comfortable & nod off. Basically make the seats into mini beds.

Some airlines, like Emirates, don’t allow this on their aircraft. But what I loved about this particular brand, was they offer a 30 day money back guarantee, if you later find that your airline won’t allow it on the flight. It’s easy to blow up & light weight. No special equipment needed.

Plus you can use this inflatable foot rest as a pillow or for lifting up your feet, by only inflating one or two of the sections. All round this is great buy.

4. I found the Nelsons teething granules really helpful, not just for when the kids were teething but also as a natural calming agent. Of course, I haven’t got any actual proof but it did seem to do the trick, when the kids were young.

5. One of the other things that seems to bug my boys, is sleeping with shoes on. Slipper socks like the ones in the picture can make them more comfy on the plane. And it saves us parents from being booted too.

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